Arcadia JP Magazine, Dec 2010


» BlazBlue Continuum Shift II character profiles and game info
» Lord of Vermillion II Ultimate Version creator interview
» Tekken Tag Tournament 2 creator interview
» Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme VS campaign info and “lessons”
» Border Break stats and mission briefing for the first stage
» Shining Force Cross: Raid preview
» Reflec Beat preview which includes an interview with DJ Yoshitaka
» Interview with Taito’s house band, “Zuntata”
» Every copy of the magazine includes a “Darius Burst Another Chronicle” CD which includes three music tracks which are performed by Zuntata
» This month’s Neo Geo Fan Club section includes a fan-submitted piece of work titled, “The Moon” and another inspired by Twinkle Star Sprites
» Recap of the Super Battle Opera 8th Arcadia Cup Tournament

Arcadia magazine is a Japanese magazine that covers the coin-ops and arcade industry in Japan. It’s a good idea to see what’s inside it every month, so we take a closer look to the industry. Anyone who can translate some pages of it please send me a mail.

You can buy the magazine from Playa-Asia or NSCX shop. In Play-Asia you can place a subscription for it.

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