Blade and Soul G★STAR (지스타) Trailer 2010

블레이드 & 소울

Origin: Korea
Publisher/Developer: NCsoft
Release Date: TBA

Official Korean website:
English website:

NCsoft’s latest MMO. It uses the Unreal Engine 3 and will be PC-exclusive (there were rumours about a possible PS3 release but no official word from NCSoft yet). The game will feature dynamic real time action combat system as seen in Continent of the Ninth (C9) and of course amazing graphics as expected from a next generation multi massively online game from Korea. Art direction is being made by Kim Hyung-Taek, his previous works can be seen in Magna Carta games (Korean RPGs).

G★STAR is an annual Korean trade show for computer games that started in 2005. Below you can enjoy the beautiful latest trailer.


G★STAR (지스타) Trailer 2010:


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