Blade and Soul (pictures and battle system details)

Pictures and information taken from the Japanese website

Battle System

Blade & Soul main control system is very simple and smart. W / A / S / D to move, spacebar to jump and point the mouse to screen to switch between UI mode and operation mode. Character’s actions can be accessed by the  “F” keys.

“Blade & Soururashii” is activated by pressing the space bar once more, gracefully through the air. “Gliding” is an action and its duration can be 30 seconds or more. Expect wall running at high speed, the future addition to gliding or jumping high in the air and moving the water.

To explain the gauge at the top left corner of the first three points, hit the red and the blue “Fighting Spirit” shows a dash of green and stamina required.
When fighting the gauge will gradually accumulate fighting spirit points. Consumed by a gauge collected and fighting spirit points, the key numbers “1-4”  are skills that can pay out the Active Set. In addition, F keys and the TAB key is assigned an active skill depending on the situation.

Let me explain the flow of the combo system. The number “1” key to activate the skill in a period of less than 2 seconds, wait mode when an enemy attacks (so-called blocking). Automatically fight back from an enemy attack during the enemy momentarily daunted. That it immediately pay out the different skills that moment, which bring down the opponent.
Combo continues. Down close to the opponent in the TAB key to state and mount again the next moment, “1” key is pressed, it will be finished in grappling.

NPC Interaction

Press F key to start a conversation with an NPC. In addition, the NPC is sleeping, or cause, examine the bookshelf, or changing clothes, picking up firewood, fire wood and picked up Kube, these various actions they performed solely by the key F .
Strictly speaking, that is reflected by the object in front of my characters, change the contents of the key behavioral actions. I actually played, not the first mouse click to target but puzzled, as become more comfortable, felt very natural to manipulate the interface.

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