Fast Striker, new 2D Shooting Dreamcast & Neo Geo game

New Dreamcast and Neo Geo MVS game in 2010! And as you would expected is a 2D Shooting game. The guys behind Last Hope created another game for the last SEGA console. I haven’t played it yet so I don’t know if it’s better than the Last Hope. Anyways let’s see what this new game is.

FAST STRIKER is a 2D arcade shooting game with emphasis on scoring. You can choose between 3 game modes with
different scoring systems. This game features six stages of excellent 2D arcade game play with over 40 unique
enemy types, super smooth 3D scrolling backgrounds, huge CGI bosses and it features the biggest Megabit count
ever since the beginning of NEO·GEO™ games. Comes for Dreamcast™ in Winter 2010.

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