Lord of Vermilion I&II, Arcade


Official Japanese Website: http://www.lordofv.com/


Lord of Vermillion games are arcade fantasy card-type games released in Japan in 2008 and 2009 using the Taito Type X² arcade hardware.  It was developed by Think Garage and ditributed by Square-Enix. The second game has cards with characters from the well-known JRPG games, Final Fantasy VI, Romancing Saga II and the still alive Square Enix’s first fantasy MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI.

I hope one day I can fly to Japan and play it. Or maybe someone will emulate it or publish it in the west with full online play features. It will never happen, though! Or anytime soon. Visit the official Japanese site to listen to its amazing music score by Nobuo Uematsu and enjoy below some scans of the Japanese arcade gaming magazine Arcadia and some cards related to Final Fantasy games.

Arcadia Magazine’s Lord of Vermilion scans (Issue 124, Sepetember 2010):

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