Tera: The Exiled Realm of Arborea, Open Beta Test (11-01-2011)

Client Download Open: 2010-12-27

Client Download Link: http://tera.hangame.com/download/download.nhn

Tera server is online, you can select race, class and name, add friends and select server name but you cannot kill monsters yet. Unforunately, some English players found a verification problem when tried to log in. They were asked for a phone verification code to prove that they are 18+ as the game was considered as adult only game in Korea due to its revealing sexual content and violence. That means that if you don’t have a Korean friend with a Korean mobile phone you are out of luck. Despite the difficulties mentioned above, there are reports in various forums that many players logged in sucessfully. Sadly, I don’t have my gaming desktop with me at the moment to test it, so please feel free to add any comments regarding this issue. We know that this is a very popular game and many of you want to desperately play the Korean OBT version, which of course will be available earlier than any other version, including the Japanese one.

Below are some new images of the game for you to enjoy and the link to the official Japanese website for you to try and access a future Japanese OBT.


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