Aion 2.5 Korean Update

아이온: 영원의 탑

Korean Aion players just got the latest update (2.5) that makes new updates and adds a new server (35th). A friend (who’s playing hardcore the game for more than a year) asked me about those changes, so I made this post. This post doesn’t feature all the changes but the ones I think are changing the game in a good and interesting way.

High-End Graphics Mode

First of all, the graphics are enchanched and a hi-end graphics mode is added. At least a Radeon HD 4850 or a Nvidia Geforce 9800 graphic card is needed for this mode. A better graphics card than the ones officially suggested is always a better option.

The images above are game screens.

New Character Customization Features

The character customization screen is enchanched with new features and options, facial expressions, facial appearances and body sizes.


Two new instances are being added. The Academy Bootcamp (~Tempereu Camp) and Araka ~ Arakawa).

Academy Bootcamp 아이온: 영원의 탑

The Bootcamp, which can be entered by both Elyos and Asmodians, is a PvE battlefield designed to develop a Daeva’s skills, with the incentive of many brand new reward items in the Cloister of Kaisinel and the Convent of Marchutan.

The Academy Bootcamp is a new type of instance in which you defeat wave after wave of monsters in a circular arena.
There are a total of 10 steps, of 5 rounds each. More powerful opponents appear at each step.
There are no quest requirements for the Academy Bootcamp; any character of level 50 or above can enter, if they are in a group.
In Sanctum and Pandaemonium, teleport via statue to the Kaisinel Academy or the Marchutan Academy, and you can access the Academy Bootcamp from there. From Inggison and Gelkmaros, you can use the Academy Bootcamp Teleport NPC.
Outside the arena, but still within the Bootcamp instance, there is a waiting room where Daevas resurrect after death.
Daevas who enter before training begins will go directly to the arena, but latecomers will appear in the waiting room.
Each step is completed when all monsters are defeated. Proceed to the next step by talking to the training recordkeeper in the center of arena.
A Daeva in the waiting room can get into the arena by using a “Consolidation Ticket” which you can obtain during the training.
The ’Consolidation Ticket’ can be traded, but it disappears if you exit the instance, log out character selection, or quit the game.
All group members obtain the same number of points for defeating monsters regardless of how much damage they did.
The training will end if all characters in the arena die or you complete all the steps of the training. You will be rewarded with “Academy Insignia” depending on your score.
Characters in the waiting room can stop the training and exit through the Stop Training button located in the upper right of the screen.
Some skills and items cannot be used in the Academy Bootcamp.
The re-entry cooldown for the Academy Bootcamp is 22 hours.

Araka 아라카

Various secrets are hidden in Araka. Because of its close connection to the Reian Tribe, tribe members may provide very important information about the dungeon, so pay close attention to the Reians’ conversation.
There are no quest requirements for Araka; any character of level 50 or above can enter, if they are in a group.
In order to access Araka, each race must control its own camp’s Balaurea fortress. Upon conquering, a Dimensional Gate will appear beside the special ordnance quartermaster for the Elyos and the fortress quartermaster for the Asmodians.
There are four entrances, but (as with Dark Poeta) they all lead to the same instance.
The re-entry cooldown for Araka is 22 hours.

Changes to already existing instances:

드라웁니르 동굴

Reduced the difficulty level and adjusted the conditions causing the final boss monster, Commander Bakarma, to appear.
Commander Bakarma will now appear only after players have defeated all the sub bosses: Instructor Afrane, Beautiful Lakshmi, Kind Saraswati, and Commander Nimbarka.
Decreased the number of monsters inside Draupnir Cave.
Decreased the stats of monsters inside Draupnir Cave.
Changed some of Commander Bakarma’s battle tactics.

Nochsana Training Camp 노흐사나 훈련소

Level cap is removed, all players above 25 level can enter it now.

Kromede’s Trial instance 악몽

Butler Jeeves will no longer drop the Secret Safe Key. Access to the Kaliga Treasury through the secret vault door will be by simply defeating Butler Jeeves.


Heroic GRADE LEVEL 55 Abyss Items

새로운 어비스 아이템, 군단장 세트 LT. GEN. SET

At level 55 players can obtain new powerfull Abys items, the Heroic 55 items known in Korea as LT. GEN. SET.

Elyos can purchase them at the Cloister of Kaisinel and Inggison Illusion Fortress from the weapons, armor, and accessory distributors.
Asmodians can purchase them at the Convent of Marchutan and Gelkmaros Fortress from the weapons, armor, and accessory distributors.

Divinity Endowment 신성 부여 HOLY GRANT

This new enhancement can only be performed on certain items.
The item will be imbued with an effect that gives various bonuses when activated.
There are 2 possible stages of divinity endowment, and some items will only be enhanceable up to step 1.
New items have been added that will be enhanceable up to step 2.
The divinity endowment effect is consumed during depending battle (attack, defense, and skill use).
General attack and defense will consume a small amount.
With skill use, more powerful skills will consume more of the divinity endowment.
When a weapon that has been divinity endowed is used in Armsfusion, the resultant weapon will also be divinity endowed.

New Luxury Fashion 신규 명품 복식

New Advanced Designs 신규 고급도안 추가

Pets 신규 펫 추가

New pets are added. Also, there is another added feature that shows the pet’s mood. There is a bar that showcases the pet’s feelings and mood. You can change your pet’s mood by giving it gifts and items. New pet commands and magic types skills are added.

There are more changes in the quest and the pet system, the skills, the game system in general and its UI. Check the official website or better visit the Korean Aion website.

Cosplay images by and the Chinese cosplay website All other images by NCSoft Korea.

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