Arcana Lord, Square-Enix joins the Hunting Action Party!


Platform: Sony Plasystation Portable

Genre: Hunting Action Multiplayer

Official Japanese Website:

Official International Website:

A few days ago, Square-Enix sent me a promotional e-mail about Arcana Lord, a Monster Hunter-like game for Sony’s portable machine. Square-Enix is trying to enter the hunting action genre with this title. It seems that the phenomenal success of Monster Hunter in Japan is making nearly all the game developers in the country follow suit. The demo is already available, so give it a go if you want to see what Square-Enix can offer to the genre.  4th of February is the estimated release date of the English retail version.

Lord of Arcana is an action game that allows up to four players to fight monsters and demons, some of which make cameo appearances from other Square Enix games.

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