Final Fantasy XI’s tweeter page launched today


Square-Enix’s 2001’s first fantasy MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI is still alive! 8 years have passed and it still gets new updates, new game content and support. FFXI is definitely the most hardcore Asian traditional MMORPG out there. The graphics are a bit outdated today (it’s a Playstation 2 game) but the game world, enemies and characters (both PCs and NPCs) are well designed. The music (hello Nobuo Uematsu!) is simply amazing!

The game is programmed for hardcore players. Forget WoW or Aion. You cannot advance here playing solo. The game mechanics force you to interact with other players all the time. If you think to pick this game and play alone, forget it. You will need assistance very soon to complete quests, missions and unlock areas, titles or gain items and weapons. It’s also time consuming. You will need at least 4 hours to participate in the most events. If you don’t have time, if you work, if you have lots of friends or a lovely new girlfriend stay away from this game. Unless you think you can control it. But quess what! You will be addicted. The game world is enormous. You will stay till the early morning hours with red eyes. I warned you! But if you still don’t care be prepared to experience one of the most complete MMORPG worlds.

Today the Official Final Fantasy XI Tweeter page launched and it says that it will deliver the latest news to you. Follow it  here.

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