Free to Play Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Unofficial Servers

ファンタシースターオンライン ブルーバースト

SEGA official Japanese servers for the Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (ファンタシースターオンライン ブルーバースト) recently went offline (read the post). Sad news for the fans of the game. But don’t worry you can still experience the expansion of the first SEGA online game with unoficial free to play servers! You just have to download the modified client of the game, create an account and log in and play. Below are 3 servers to choose. Personally, I have played in the SCHTHACK server. I have played the Phantasy Star Online Ver.2 and Blue Burst for PC. The experience was great and the moderators actually ban cheaters with hacked and duplicate items all the time ensuring that you are playing in a “healthy” and well-protected server. Sadly, the server has some difficulties lately. But I hope the server will be back to normal again. SCHTHACK server features  many events and many quests, a very good server indeed, it feels like you are playing in an official server. Feel free to donate to the guys there, they have made an amazing job!


SCHTHACK Phantasy Star Online – A Private Server

The best free Phantasy Star Online private server. Supports PSO PC, Dreamcast version 2, Gamecube and Blue Burst.



Haven’t tested it, but it looks like a good alternative free PC Blue Burst server.


Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (Ultima Private Server)

A free Blue Burst private server for PC.

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