K-On! Houkago Live!!


Official Japanese Website: http://k-on.sega.jp/
Format: Playstation Portable

Developer: SEGA

Genre: Music & Rhythm

Based on the manga K-On (けいおん!) written and illustrated by Kakifly this music & rhythm game from SEGA is the perfect game if you want to take a break from the Diva Project games and DJ Max games. Four Japanese high school girls join the high school’s music light club and they are trying to save it from beeing abolished. The game features various events scenes that the girls interact with them and it offers many items, customes and songs, you can unlock some of them by just clearing stages or by performing a high score. The game rules are simple, you just press the button of your PSP that represents the note appearing in your screen when the song plays. You can also turn on your ad-hoc funtion of your PSP and enable multiplayer local play (5 players). I don’t know if Xlink-Kai supports it or if there are already game rooms there, but you can always try.

Jam songs with your favorite girl band After School Tea Time perform hits such as Cagayake Girls and Don’t Say Lazy.




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