Lineage II, Goddess of Destruction (new major update)


Lineage II is changing! The most successful Asian MMORPG worldwide is getting a new major update, the “Goddess of Destruction”, that updates many elements of the game and change the battle system dramatically. According to NCSoft in G-Star event in South Korea, this is the third major update of the Lineage II, the first one was the “Chronicle of Chaos” (혼돈의 연대기) followed by the “Throne of Chaos” (혼돈의 왕좌) update. Game’s lead designer Jaehyuk Hahn said that they created this update to surpass anything previously created and released for Lineage II. He also said that game playability has been imporoved according to the game community’s feedback.

New items, the R-Grade items (R그레이드 아이템), new powerful raids and more chaotical instances as well as new quests have been added. A new class system called “Awakening System” and a new more action-based battle system. I saw a video featuring the new combat system and I am very curious to experience it myself. Check the video below. It is very interesting especially for players who used to play this game a lot.

G*Star 2010 Lineage 2: Goddess of Destruction


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