Monster Hunter, Illustrations Vol.1, Artbook (Part One)


You know Monster Hunter games. You really do! Monster Hunter is a huge phenomenon in Japan, very huge! First game appeared in the Playstation 2 console in March 2004 and more advanced versions of it successfully released and will be released for the Playstation Portable, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PC. The latest title is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Well, I like the Monster Hunter games and I have spend hundreds of hours with them. The battle system is action based, visuals are great and the challenge is always high. Replay value is so also high, too many weapons, armors and items to collect and upgrade from killing monsters or by completing quests. The best part though is its multiplayer content. Up to four players can join the same game room, enter the same instanced area and complete the same quest. It works very well and makes the grinding a  more pleasant experience than the repetitive and monotonous single player mode.

If you play the Playstation Portable’s versions try to use the AD-Hoc Party official Sony Playstation 3 feature or the X-link Kai unofficial online service to play with other monster hunters. Believe me the single player mode should be avoided.

Below, there are some images of the first volume of the Monster Hunter Illustrations artbook. Enjoy!

Notice: The weapon, items, monsters images of the artbook will be displayed in another post, soon.

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