New G.Rev Shooting Game, Seisou Kouki Strania


対応機種:Xbox 360 Live ARCADE
オフライン:1~2名 オンライン:1~2名

Seisou Kouki Strania
Format: Xbox Live Arcade game

Genre: “Robot Action” 2D Vertical Shooting Game
Estimated Releasee Date: in 2011
Price: Undecided
Modes: Offline: 1-2, Online:1-2 (coop)
We are going to sell this product worldwide

Official Japanese Website:

New 2D shooting game from G.Rev! Do you remember the great 2D horizontal game for SEGA Dreamcast, Border Down or the 2D vertical shooting game Under Defeat for the same system? Well if you do, you know what to expect. Great visuals and a complex and deep scoring system. Surprisingly enough, the graphics are done by Iuchi (Ikaruga) and that is great news as Ikaruga had awesome visuals. The location test for this arcade was in Akihabara’s well-known arcade “HEY” (のロケテストが秋葉原HEY).

Game is taking advantage of X360’s online capabilities featuring online high-score ranking tables and online co-op play. It also features the so-called “overdose” scoring system, you build up an overdose gauge as you fire and destroy enemies and when the gauge is completely full, you are invisible and you can achieve higher score points. In this game you control a mech that can use multiple weapons and a sword.

Will keep you updated about this one because G.Rev always make interesting and unique games so a new title from them is a gift from heaven for the fans of the genre.



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