Phantasy Star Portable Infinity, Yodobashi-Akiba Event

ファンタシースターポータブル2 インフィニティ

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Today in Yodobashi-Akiba in Akihabara a Phantasy Star Portable Infinity promotional event took place. The game will be released at 24 February and its an update of the original title. 4gamer was at the event and interviewed the game’s producer Saki Sakoshi (酒井氏) and director Terada Takashi (寺田氏).

The demo is already available so download it and play it today. Terada said that he’s always looking for feeback and opinions in gaming bulletin boards and websites from the players who played the demo in order to change and update the retail version. Sakai in the end of the interview is asking  for players who haven’t played the demo yet to do it and support the Phantasy Star series on its 10th anniversary, “please try to play it, thank you” he said.

Download the 586MB Phantasy Star Infinity Demo here

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