Sony Playstation Portable 2, 3G Support and OLED Screen

プレイステーション・ポータブル 2

Nikkei Inc. (株式会社日本経済新聞社, Japan Economics Times Company) one of the largest media corporations in Japan, has just posted details about the PSP 2, Sony’s upcoming handheld machine. The paper says that the new handheld will have full 3G online support. The 3G service in Japan will be provided by NTT DoCoMo Inc. (株式会社エヌ・ティ・ティ・ドコモ), the predominant mobile phone operator in the country. Through 3G service, the PSP 2 users can play online games, download software, applications, movies and music but they won’t use the device as a mobile phone. The system will feaure wireless LAN (WLAN) as well. The handheld will have an OLED touch screen and a processor produced by Sony capable to handle high definition visuals.

Next week Sony will give us more details about the new handheld.

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