The Exiled Realm of Arborea (TERA) Korean OBT latest news


Finally one of the most anticipating MMORPGs of all time reached its open beta phase 2 days ago in Korea. Unfortunately the server 둘사 with the most english players is full, meaning that you cannot create a new character on that server anymore. The OBT phase will last two weeks and the maximum level you can reach during it is rumoured to be the 38th. Below there are some new screens from the Japanese version about the races and the classes of the game.I wish I could join the Korean OBT but unfortunately I don’t have my gaming PC with me at the moment. Anyway, enjoy the OBT while it lasts!

Race 種族

Human ヒューマン

Kyasutanikku キャスタニック

Erman アーマン

Poly Points ポポリ / Erin >エリーン

High Elf ハイエルフ

Baraka バラカ

Class クラス

Warrior ウォーリアー / Lancer ランサー

Slayer スレイヤー / Berserker バーサーカー

Sorcerer ソーサラー / Archer アーチャー

Priest プリースト / Elementalist / Chanter (~Erementarisu) エレメンタリス

Character Customization Details

Images from japanese gaming website.

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