Xlink Kai, Global Network Gaming

Official Website: http://www.teamxlink.co.uk/

Xlink Kai is an independent and free online global gaming-newtwork that brings together PSP, Playstation 2 and 3, Xbox and Xbox 360 users in one integrated community. You install the software in your PC or Mac and you are ready to play for free online system-link enabled games. Games like Monster Hunter, Phantasy Star etc. You will only need one network adapter and the free software and you will be able to join one of the biggest gaming communities available in the internet.

Games like the PSP Monster Hunter titles that are using the Ad-Hoc feature to enable local multiplayer play, can be played online using this service. At the moment (11:09 pm, Sunday 16-01-2011) there are 6,527 users online and according to the website there are 657 games that are supported by the service. There are 8 servers online, 3 in the North America, 1 in France, and 4 in the Asia. The highest record for connected users at the same time is 13,924 players.

I am using the service a lot and I can honestly say that it is simply amazing. The lag input is most of the times zero and the community is very friendly. I have mostly played Monster Hunter 2nd G and Freedom Unite using it and the experience was great. I joined the Asian servers and played with Japanese players and I didn’t notice any lag issues at all. If you don’t have a Playstation 3 to use its Ad Hoc Party feature to play with other players online then Xlink Kai is a must for you.

Just download the software from the official website and buy a network adapter and you are ready. The network adapter I strongly recommend are the Planex ones, look amazon for them. Avoid the Wi Fi Max adapters, sometimes they are working but most the time their drivers can give you nightmares. For further details check the Xlink Kai forums. Happy online gaming!

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