Is Final Fantasy XIV really bad?

About Square-Enix’s latest fantasy MMO crack

I told myself that I will never touch any other MMORPG, at least anytime soon but here I am again looking at my new FFXIV’s DVD case. I have spent so many hours playing the king of Korean virtual playgrounds that was Lineage II around 2005-2006, the Japanese FFXI, South Korea’s Aion and Iceland’s space opera EVE Online. I have tried some other MMORPGs as well. Well, I had to admit that FFXI was great, Lineage II was beautiful and its PVP awesome, Aion was quite good for a while and EVE is simply amazing. Nothing wrong with the above games except from that you need to spend time, TIME i mean. Sometimes they demand all your waking hours (Hello FFXI)! Seriously, you will be addicted.

I told myself I will stay away from MMORPGs but I bought the latest Square-Enix’s fantasy crack. You can find the game pretty cheap these days and there is a reason for that. Many players, even FFXI hardcore fans agree that the game is bad and that S-E definitely rushed it out. Personally, I played the beta phase and I found it quite enjoyable with a few design problems here and there that I was thinking at that time that S-E will fix when it goes retail. Read the PCGamer interview to understand the kind of problems you would expect from it if you decide to play it now. I haven’t installed it yet and I don’t plan to do anytime soon due to lack of time but I will do it. I think the game will be great, it just needs time like any other MMORPG title. They already changing the game with small regular patches and the new director has already made a difference. They are fixing all lag inputs and they have fixed all latency issues. Good news for the game!

So the answer is no, Final Fantasy XIV is not a bad game. It’s just that Square-Enix shouldn’t have rushed it out and they should have extend the beta phase and listen carefully to beta players’ feedback. But, it’s time to lock it somewhere. No MMORPG crack for me this month, I am afraid!
Notice: You will need a powerful desktop let alone a laptop to run this game well. An i5 or i7 processor with at least 4 GBs of RAM and a decent GPU is needed. Bear in mind that the game is extremely beautiful.

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