Get an invitation code for Phantasy Star Online 2 beta test


Official Japanese Website:
Sega of Japan confirmed that the Phantasy Star Online 2 beta test will begin this summer in Japan. If you die to play it you need an α test invitation code. The code can be obtained either by e-mail or by buying the Japanese Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity PSP game (inside you can find the code). In order to get it by e-mail you must follow one of the following criteria:

■ You bought a  Phantasy Star Blue Burst subscription (30-11- 2010 till end of the game)

■ Buy a subscription of Phantasy Star Universe Ambition of Illuminus PC game at the following dates:

● Distribute first round: (February 24)
Premium Course – at the time those 20 February 2011, January 1, 2011 or during the day – February 20 2011 GC to ¥ 3,000 or more

● Second distribution: (planned in early April)
If the premium courses at 31 March 2011, February 21, 2011, or through a period of 3 GC 31 people who have purchased at least ¥ 3,000

● Third distribution: (scheduled in early May)
If the premium courses in April 30, 2011, 2011 or April 1 through 4 GC 30-day period to ¥ 3,000 or more

Good luck!

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  1. I have been playing phantasy star online for the gamecube since 2000. I still play it and my hucaseal is level 200. I still play to get every rare item available to my skyly. I would really be pyched if I could beta test this amazing sequel. Much appreciated!

  2. I So wanna be part of this ^^

  3. Me too! :) I wanna kill the next-generation Goobas so bad!

  4. I soo want @.@ … first time I played this i gree over 100lvls in less than a month =)))

  5. Did you play the Dreamcast version David? Back in 2001?

  6. I’ve been playing PSO since the game cube i love this game. Just got a new computer i have never owned a MMO for the PC i would LOVE to be apart of this beta. Had 3 characters in phantasy star ambition of the illuminus for the PS2 and now i cant play anymore. Own all of them for the PSP.. I want to be apart of this beta

  7. I played PSO on Dreamcast back in the day, Game Cube even played BB on pc up until recently. I would love to have a PSO2 beta key.

  8. Check forums, they have amazing information there about all PS games! Good luck.

  9. Hi i have played the versions of pso on the gamecube/x-box/dreamcast/ pc and i have played blue burst as well and i would be so happy if i could join in this test I am perticularly good at finding imperfections in games for the reason that i am a perfectionist and if it is possible for me to be a part i beg of you to allow me to join you. i shall await in hope.

  10. See above, check their forums! Good luck!

  11. I’ve never played PSO or any of the games but seeing the cool stuff it has makes me want it and play it with my friends. I’m so use to Final Fantasy games that I want a change of pace and style. I hope I can test it out someday before investing into it.


  12. All four of my characters on Gamecube with maxed out game time, level 200, and I’m still playing it. Hope I’m deemed worthy enough to get into this beta.

  13. Oh I forgot to mention it was all offline since I was too young to realize I needed a special piece to play online.

  14. Wow, jaw dropped when I first saw this, almost thought may have been fake ;p so many mmo’s out there but this one would take the cake, It would be a great opportunity to see this game. Memories of pso on dreamcast, gamecube, an even psu rushing back. Good times with online gaming w/friends.

  15. this website has lots of information so check it out and i got two HuCast level 200 so i would like to check this game out

  16. I have been playing Phantasy Star Universe since 2006! I would love to be a part of this PSO2 Beta and see all the new goodies in the next generation of Phantasy Star games! :)

  17. lol i’m too late..

  18. I fell in love with Phantasy Star since I played Phantasy Star Universe demo on the Xbox360. Since that I have been relentlessly playing every Phantasy Star since! I definitely want to be a part of it’s progression!

  19. Dude I’ve been down with PSO since it was released for dreamcast… in fact it is the sole reason I got a dream cast and a gamecube. I am currently downloading the character creator as I type. I am praying that I the game doesn’t take too long to come state side or I may join the military and request to be stationed in Japan just to get a jump on everyone xP. But great game it has influenced my imagination vastly and I am proud to still be playing it on the game cube with my Redria Ramar whom I aptly named Masakados to this day. Toast to a strong decade and toast to 100 more.

  20. hi can i hv a code plz for the open beta when it comes out again thx :3

  21. every since my friend told me to try phantasy star… i have been hooked… and soon to be a long time fan ima be excited if it comes out to the xbox 360…..

  22. Oh damn i love PSO….send me an Invite =)

  23. the first time i played Phantasy star was on the psp. I was straight hooked on it looking for everything in the game. Then the 2nd one came out on psp i loved it even more. cant wait to try beta

  24. Can i Plz have the invite :? :D

  25. is it too late to be invited to the beta?

  26. I played phantasy star universe on xbox 360 but only the demo which was still a great experience, in the mall my friends were just interested in messing with people and getting numbers but i was all about the missions. The level cap was 50 i was 46 and the servers got shut down it would be most appreciated if i were to get a Beta code and when it gets released in north american i do plan i playing it :)

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