How the legions and party formations have been changed in Aion 2.5 update? has revealed more information and details regarding the new Korean Aion 2.5 update (아이온: 영원의 탑, タワー オブ アイオン). Changes about Legions’ management and development and party formations that want low level players to party with high levels together. Let’s take a deeper look.

Legion Management and Development

The Legion level is increased from 3 to 5. Level 4 can be gained when the Brigade General spends 5.000.000 kinah and 100.000 abyss points and his legion has over 30 players. A level 5 legion can be unlocked by spending 25.000.000 kinah and 500.000 abyss points, and legion must have over 40 players.

A level 4 legion expands its number of players up to 120 and the legion warehouse units to 48 while a level 5 legion expands its number of players up to 150 and its warehouse units up to 56.

Tribe Heaven (天族のレギオンユニフォーム)

Demons (魔族レギオンユニフォーム)

New items and designs can be now obtained.

Party Formation

It is now possible a higher level player to party with a 10 level lower player and complete quests and take rewards. This feature has a similar goal as the advanced level sync party system that can be found in Final Fantasy XI, it tries to help new players. Lower level party members will be the companions of the higher ones. The main reward by completing companion party quests will be 9 coins (silver or gold, according to the quest difficulty and level). Every day at 9 a.m. companion quests will be available and players can complete only one every day. A search companion window has also been added.

Photos: NCSoft korea, Fribirdz (Flickr), Straddlin (Flickr)

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