Square-Enix’s new 2D action game Moon Diver will deliver side-scrolling action fun!

Moon Diver

The Earth lies in ruins. In the year 2081, five warriors suddenly appeared during an eclipse and began the fight to take back Earth.  Introducing MOON DIVER, an easy-to-control side-scrolling action game for 1-4 players. Get ready for non-stop acrobatic action on the ground, walls, and even ceilings! Characters can level up, gain new abilities, and unleash devastating special attacks known as MoonSault Combinations!

Square-Enix is working on a XBLA and PSN side-scrolling multiplayer (1-4 players, offline/online co-op play) action game. Ninja action 2D fun!

Now I am excited! It’s nice to see a Square-Enix’s 2D action game. More details soon.

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