Xenoblade English Playing Guide


Unfortunately, Nintendo hasn’t confirmed an English version of the game. So the only option now is to play the original Japanese version. This is a guide that can be found in the Japanese blog ameblo.jp/koulinovesperia. Enjoy. (edit: Nintendo finally confirmed English versions for September 2011!)


– Control Dunban And Defeat The Kishin Soldiers

機神兵残骸跡地 Ruined Site Of The Kishin Soldiers
– Control Shulk And Defeat The Enemies
– Follow The Path Toward コロニー9 正面口 Colony 9 Main Entrance

コロニー9 Colony 9
(Buyable Books: Bone Upper, Slit Edge, Hammer Beat, Wild Down, Back Slash)
(Update: Light Heal, Rage)
– Talk To ジェム爺 Old Man Gem In 商業区 Commercial District
– Head Toward 軍事区 Military District
– Enter 研究棟 Research Building
– Control Fiorung And Go To 見晴らしの丘公園 Scenic Hill Park (South Of Colony 9 Main Entrance)

見晴らしの丘公園 Scenic Hill Park
– Fiorung Joins The Party

Colony 9
– Back To The Research Building
– Fiorung Leaves But Rein Joins The Party
– Head To テフラ洞窟 Tephra Cave (West Of Colony 9 Main Entrance)

テフラ洞窟 Tephra Cave
– Fiorung Joins The Party
– Go On And You Will End Up In シリンダー格納庫 Cylinder Hangar

シリンダー格納庫 Cylinder Hangar
– Get Near The Center And You Will End Up Fighting 2 Ancient Defense Mechanisms
– You Can’t Use Skip Travel, So Jump Down And Run Toward Colony 9

Colony 9
– Shulk And Rein Will Fight Kishin Soldier Type 63. Shulk Will Need To Use ターンストライク Turn Strike (Inflicts ‘Break’ Status) THEN Rein Will Need To Use ワイルドダウン Wild Down (Inflicts ‘Reverse’ Status). It Is Important That You Break (崩し) The Kishin Soldier BEFORE You Reverse (転倒) It
– Once Fiorung Joins Back, Ignore Everything And Run Toward The Research Building
– After, Run Toward The Residential Area
– Fiorung Will Leave And You Will Need To Fight Kishin Soldiers. Remember, Break Then Reverse Then Damage
– After Dunban Joins The Party, Run Toward The Main Entrance
– Once Shulk Obtains The Monado, Go South To The Residential Area
– You Will Fight Black Face But It Will End Automatically
– Afterward, You Will Fight It For Real. In Order To Inflict Damage, Black Face Has To Be Reversed First. Still Remember How Break And Reverse Work From Before? This Time, You Will Need Chain Attack To Break It. To Use Chain Attack, Fill Up The Top Left Gauge, Highlight The Middle Icon Then Use Up Or Down To Select チェインアタック Chain Attack. After That, Follow The Break Then Reverse (崩し Then 転倒) Rule. Once Black Face Is Reversed, Activate And Use Monado Buster
– Before Moving On, Talk To Old Man Gem And Gem Craft Will Be Available

Tephra Cave
– The Red Door That Was Locked Is Now Open
– Follow The Path And You Will Fight Spide Queen. Vision Is Now Available. During Spide Crash I, Activate Monado And Use 盾 Shield

巨神脚 Legs Of The Kyoshin
– On ガウル平原 Gaur Plain, Get Near The Black Smoke
– Go NE To ローのオアシス Lo Oasis And Defeat The Enemies
– From The Lo Oasis, Go SE To 脱出艇キャンプ Escape Boat’s Camp
(Buyable Books: Thunder Bullet, Cure Bullet, Aura Burst, Shield Bullet, Stream Edge, War Swing, Heal Bullet, Guard Shift)
(Update: Sleep Bullet, Shadow Eye, Heal Blast, Air Slash)
– Talk To Carna And Pick 1st Choice. She Will Join The Party
– Go North Then Go SE Till ラグエル大橋 Raguel Bridge
– Cross The Bridge And Continue On
– Go East Then North To ラセン谷 Spiral Valley
– You Will Fight Kishin Soldier Type 71. The Battle Will End Once You Have Inflicted Enough Damage
– Go Up To Fight It For Real. During Tentacles, Activate Monado And Use 疾 Speed. Do Not Use Shield Because It Doesn’t Work
– Afterward, You Will Fight Mysterious Face But It Will End Automatically
– From Spiral Valley, Go South To コロニー6 Colony 6

コロニー6 Colony 6
(Buyable Books: Metal Blast, Engage, Heal Round, Sword Pile, Berserker, Last Stand)
(Update: Sleep Mind, Shadow Stitch, Starlight Knee, Summoning Copy, Burst End, Summon Wind)
– Use The Elevator To Get Down And Continue On
– You Will End Up In 中央採掘場 Central Mining Facility

中央採掘場 Central Mining Facility
(Buyable Books: Bone Upper, Slit Edge, Hammer Beat, Wild Down, Back Slash, Light Heal, Rage, Metal Blast, Heal Round, Berserker, Last Stand, Shield Bash)
– Moving On And You Will Fight Kishin Soldiers
– Take Some Time To Explore The Area Thoroughly And You Will Get To 採掘監視所 Mining Lookout Post
– Hit The Lever And That Will Unlock The Gate
– Pass The Gate, Use The Elevator To Get Down To 1F
– Follow The Path To B1F
– On B1F, Use The 1st Moving Platform To Get Up Then Use The 2nd Platform To Get Down To B2F
– Follow The Path To B3F
– On B3F, Use The Rotating Platform To Get To The West
– Follow The Path Down And You Will End Up Fighting Zord. Once Again, Break (崩し) -> Reverse (転倒) Before You Can Do Damage. Even Better If You Can Faint (気絶) After Reverse. To Break It, Use Chain Attack. Once It’s Reversed, Inflict Faint Or Monado Buster
– Back To B3F, Go South And Use The Elevator. You Will Fight Zord Again. Monado Now Works On It. Use Enchant And Attack Away

Colony 6
– You Will Fight Kishin Soldiers. Dunban And Dikson Can Participate In This Battle
– Dunban Will Join The Party
– Go South To Move On

燐光の地 ザトール Land Of Phosphorescence, Zathor
(Buyable Books: Shippuu Jin, Raijin Houkyaku, Tenka Musou, Tenchi Ken, Sen Gan, Tekkou Dan, Kamui Ibuki, Ouka Kenran)
– Follow The Path And Go SE. After, Make Your Way To NE
– The 3 Guests, Dikson, Odama And Juju Will Leave
– Speak With The Nopon Nearby. There Are 4 Items You Need. They Are All Within Zathor And All Already Marked On The Map
– After Collecting The 4 Items, Head Back And Check The Middle. You Will Fight Guardian Of Zathor
– Afterward, Go North But The Elevator Isn’t Working. Move Along To The Left. You Can Climb Up At The End. Go On All The Way Up
– Within 巨神胎内 Inside The Womb Of The Kyoshin, Continue To The Yellow Water And Use The Bubbles To Move Up

Reconstruction Of Colony 6 (Optional)
– Don’t Do This Unless You’ve Done All The Quests You Want At The Legs Of The Kyoshin
– The Gates In Colony 6 Are Opened Up. Speak With Odama By The Main Entrance. At The Legs Of The Kyoshin, Go To The Raguel Bridge And Defeat 12 Enemies. After, Go To The Escape Boat’s Camp. Talk To Juju And Pick 1st Choice
– Talk To Juju And Pick 1st Choice. In Order To Raise The Levels Of Housing, Business, Nature And Special, You Would Need Items And Money
– For ヴォルフの斑柄毛皮 Wolf Fur, Fight Any Wolf At The Legs Of The Kyoshin. For 鋼鉄の絹布 Steel Cloth, Collection Item In Tephra Cave. For イグーナ族の皮製品 Iguna Leather, Fight Any Iguna At イグーナの領地 Iguna Territory In Zathor. For アンブリゴタートル Amblygo Turtle, Collection Item In Colony 6. For ホッグスの一本針 Hogs Needle, Fight Any Hogs At The North Of Gaur Plain In The Legs Of The Kyoshin. For クラブドウ Cellar Grape, Collection Item In Tephra Cave. For 小雨の元素 Rain Element, Fight Aqua Nebra (Show Up During Rain Only) At The South Of Spiral Valley In The Legs Of The Kyoshin. For シツガイ岩板 Outdoor Plate, Collection Item In Tephra Cave
– Once Housing, Business, Nature And Special Are All At Level 1, Talk To Old Man Gem In Colony 9. You Will Get Portable Ether Blast-Furnace. You Can Now Gem Craft From The Menu

マクナ原生林 Makuna Virgin Forest
– Follow The Path And Cross The 1st Bridge. Continue To NE To Find Melia
– For The Water Ether Crystal, Back To The 1st Bridge. Go Left And Continue The Path Down To 休息の岸辺 Shore Of Repose. Get Near The Crystal
– Shulk And Alviss Will Fight 3 Buera Theresia Together. To Disable Buera Theresia’s Aura (Mind Reading), Activate Monado And Use 破 Breaker
– Melia Will Join The Party
– Continue On To The East And Climb Up To サイハテ村 Saihate Village

サイハテ村 Saihate Village
– Melia Will Leave The Party
– Go Up All The Way To 8F And Melia Will Join Back The Party
– Go Back Down To 1F And Get Near The Center
– Check The Shop On 1F And 2F. Riki Will Join The Party
(Buyable Books: Kamukamudamo, Yorokobemo, Morattamo, Makasetamo, Dogudogudamo, Korobemo, Yuukidamo, Ochitsukemo)
(Update: Ganbarumo, Hiehiedamo)
(Buyable Books: Heat Bullet, Shaker Edge, Hide Stance, Head Shaker, Battle Soul, Meikyou Shisui, Fuujin Senkyaku, Dive Savate)
(Update: Aura Bullet, Youen, Bullet Charge)
– Return To Makuna Virgin Forest

Makuna Virgin Forest
– Go All The Way To East To Fight Leone Theresia. To Disable Leone Theresia’s Aura (Mind Reading), Activate Monado And Use 破 Breaker. The Battle Will End After You Have Inflicted Enough Damage
– After, You Will Fight It For Real. Repeat The Same Strategy BUT When It’s Down To Half Life, Make Sure You Use Breaker Because It Will Try To Heal

Saihate Village
– Get Back To 8F Then To 9F
– Talk To The Nopon At The Center And Pick 1st Choice

エルト海 Eruyt Sea
– Go East And Use The Warps To Get To SE

皇都アカモート Royal Capital, Achamoth
– Controlling As Melia, Go North All the Way And Use The Warp
– Go On And You Will Be In 謁見の間 Audience Room
– Back To Shulk, Talk To Everyone
(Buyable Books: Summon Bolt, Sleep Mind, Shadow Stitch, Summon Flare, Starlight Knee, Summoning Copy)
(Update: Summon Aqua, Burst End, Summon Wind)
– Go Back To Eruyt Sea

Eruyt Sea
– Warp Your Way To 第4浮遊岩礁 4th Floating Reef
– Talk To The Achamoth Resident And Behind シウェート灯台 Siweit Lighthouse, Use The Warps To Get To エーテル結晶採掘場 Ether Crystal Mining Site
– You Will Fight 4 Defensive Spicals Whom Can Seal Your Arts
– Talk To The Worker And Return To Achamoth

Royal Capital, Achamoth
– Get Back To 白翼宮 Palace Of White Wings
– Before You Rest, Remove Shulk Out Of The Party Because Monado Doesn’t Work For Upcoming Fight
– After, You Will Fight Hienters
– Return To Eruyt Sea

Eruyt Sea
– Back To センターゲート Center Gate And Go Down From The Stairs At East. Take The Warp At The End

ハイエンター墓所 Hienter Graveyard
– Controlling As Melia, Go On And Check The Device On The Floor
– Quick Tip: Since Melia Is By Herself, You Should Put Enemies To Sleep And Focus One By One
– Go On Down To 儀式の間 Ceremony Room
– Back To Shulk, Make Your Way Down To B2F And Go East
– At 王家の谷 Valley Of The Royal Family, Climb The Wall To Move On
– You Will Fight Olga Rufus
– Continue On Toward 試練の塔 連絡橋 Tower Of Trial Connecting Bridge. However, BEFORE The Actual Connecting Bridge, There’s A Short Passage. Stand At The Middle Of This Passage And Rotate The Camera Angle. You Would Find A Path To 第2宝物庫 2nd Treasure Room. You Can Get Ruby Glass And A Book (Summon Bolt)
– Beyond The Connecting Bridge, Go All The Way Up. Check The Device By The Ceiling
– You Will End Up Fighting Solidum Theresia And Talco. Monado Doesn’t Work On Talco, So Focus On Solidum And Use Breaker To Disable Its Aura (Mind Reading). Finish Off Solidum Before You Work On Talco. For Talco, Let Others Do The Work, You Can Support

Royal Capital, Achamoth
– Go On To The Audience Room
– After, You Can Use The Other Warp To Get To 離宮 Villa
– Melia Will Join The Party
– Back To The Audience Room

Eruyt Sea
– You Have To Get To カトール封印島 Catol Seal And ソルタナ封印島 Soltana Seal
– After, Go To 中央封印島 Central Seal
– You Will Fight Unknown
– Use The Warp To 監獄島 Prison Island

監獄島 Prison Island
– Go On And Use The Black Aura. Monado Will Be Unshackled. The New Monado II Has An Additional Slot, Able To Damage Face And Human. Plus, You Can Upgrade Monado Arts Up To Level 10
– You Will Fight Black Face. With The New Monado II, Use Enchant And Attack Away

Royal Capital, Achamoth
– Find And Talk To Dunban (Near The Shop)
– Go To The Audience Room
– Head To Eruyt Sea

Eruyt Sea
– At The Center Gate, Talk To The Pilot And Pick 1st Choice

Makuna Virgin Forest
– Follow The Path To West To ヴァラク雪山 Valac Snowy Mountain

ヴァラク雪山 Valac Snowy Mountain
– Check NW For A Cave Where You Can Drop Down To The Next Area
(Buyable Books: Gurugurudamo, Yacchaumo)
– Go West To 封印の塔 Tower Of Seal And To Get 火曜石 Mars Stone, Go To The NE Cave
– You Will Fight Rexeal The Flaming Hell
– Return To The Tower And Use the Mars Stone
– Go Further To West To Fight Mumca. Use Enchant And Attack Away. If Monado Shield And Speed Are At High Levels, You Can Support

大剣の渓谷 Canyon Of The Great Sword
– All The Buyable Weapons Here Work On Kishin Soldiers (Without Monado Enchant)
(Buyable Books: Heal Gift, Tenrai, Senjin Tenshou, Reflection, Anchor Chain, Lariat, Mind Blast)
– Follow The Path To Talk To Dikson And Pick 1st Choice
– Go On To Unlock 6th Gate. You Would Need The Device Inside Then The Device By The Gate
– Go On And Unlock 5th Gate
– Get Near The Building To Get The Surprise Quest. Go Inside For The Device Then Go Up To Fight Blouson Of Prudence
– After, Check the Device By 4th Gate
– Make Your Way Around To The SW
– At The Next Area, You Will Fight Mumca And 2 Common Faces. Take Out The Side Enemies First Then Mumca
– Go Down And Make Your Way Around To NW. You Will Get To ガラハド要塞 Galahad Fortress

ガラハド要塞 Galahad Fortress
– Canyon Of The Great Sword Won’t Be Available After This Dungeon
– Go On To The West Room And Defeat The Kishin Soldier For The Key
– Check the Device At The Center To Use The Key
– On B1F, Go West Then Check The South And North Room Nearby
– Go Further To West And Check The Device
– The Door At NE Is Now Unlocked. Advance From There
– Go West All The Way And Take The Elevator Down
– Do Not Attack Face Nemesis. Take Out The Other Enemies Instead
– After, You Will Fight Face Nemesis And Golden Face. Target Golden Face And The Battle Will End Automatically

落ちた腕 The Fallen Arm
– Get Near Fiorung By The Beach
– Get Near The Spring For The Water And Back To Fiorung
– At Last, Firoung Joins Back The Party
– Go SW And Shulk Will Fight Kishin Soldiers By Himself
– Controlling Rein and Carna, Climb Up And Go North To Join Shulk Against Kishin Soldiers
– Go On Then The Game Will Switch To Dunban, Melia And Riki
– Go In The Pipe And Follow The Path To West. The Party Will Reunite
(Buyable Books: Moemoedamo, Double Blade, Head Snipe, Kyuushi Issatsu, Okkotamo, Ether Drain, Summon Earth, Cure Round)
(Update: Spear Break, Haisui Eigi, Summon Ice, Kuiaratamemo, Kokodamo, Power Effect, Drive Boost, Ki Zan Jin)
(Update: Spear Blade, Gravity Zero, Heal Barrier, Cross Impact, Second Gear, Bug Storm, Lock On)
– Within マシーナの隠れ里 Hidden Village Of The Machiners, Talk To Linada
– After Fiorung And Carna Leave The Party, Go Inside
– For The Electron, Go North To 小指の砂浜 Sandy Beach Of The Pinky Then Return To Linada
– Talk To The Resident At East And Pick 1st Choice To Rest
– You Will Get The Key Of The Rotary Barrier
– Go West All The Way Till You Are At 機神の人差し指 Index Finger Of The Kishin. There Is A Path At South. It Leads Up To 回転式防壁 Rotary Barrier

機神界フィールド Field Of The Kishin World
– On 1F, Toward The 2nd Panel. Move On To Turn On The Power. Return To The Panel And Take The Platform Up
– On 2F, Check The Power Panel Then The Cylinder Panel. You Can Then Walk Up The Spiral Path
– On 3F, Go On To The Panel. You Can Climb Down Nearby Then Check The Power Panel. After, Take The Platform Up
– On 4F, Go Around To The West For The Power Panel. This Activates Two Panels. Take The Higher One
– Exit Out The Gate And Follow The Path. Use The 1st Air Duct To Get Up
– On 5F, Use The 2nd Air Duct To Get Up. Don’t Move On To The Left Yet. Go Right And At The End, It Looks Like A Dead End But You Can Actually Slide Down. You Can See 2 Spots You Can Slide Down To If You Mess With The Camera Angle. This Leads To マシーナの隠れ家 Hidden Home Of The Machiners. You Can Buy Really Good Weapons Against Kishin Soldiers
– Moving On, There Are Two Panels To Activate Before You Can Go For The Third Panel Which Will Open Up The Elevator
– On 6F, Go On To Fight Green Face. The Goal Is To Get Near It And Inflict Enough Damage. To Get Near, Use The Walls. If The Next Wall Is Too Far, Use The Side Enemies And Use Monado Shield. After That, Rush Toward The Next Wall

中央工廠 Central Factory
– Take The Path At SW
– Follow The Path And Go Up To Turn On The 2nd Panel. Beyond The Barrier, Take The Elevator Up
– On 3F, Get Near The Vent At SW. You Would Need To Gather 3 Items From 3 Enemies On This Floor
– Warp Back To 整備棟管制室 Control Room Of The Maintenance Building On 1F
– Check The Panel And With The Bomb, Back To The Vent On 3F
– Follow The Path And To Remove The Barriers, Go On To Check The Panel. Return And Beyond The Barrier, You Will Be Forced To Fight Kishin Soldiers
– On 5F, Use The Warp At The Center

帝都アグニラータ Imperial Capital, Agni Ratha
– Go On To 中枢タワー Central Tower And Take The Elevator Up
– There Are 4 Points You Would Need To Check Out. After, Return To Central Tower And Take The Elevator To 4F
– After Activating The Panel, Make Your Way To The West Of 4F. Make Sure Your Party Is Around Level 68
– You Will Fight Gad But The Battle Will End After You Have Inflicted Enough Damage
– After, You Will Fight Him For Real. Take Out All Side Enemies But One Then Focus On Gad. Whenever It Uses Linear Laser, Try To Use Monado Shield
– Fiorung Will Learn Final Cross

– After The Next 2 Fights, Galahad Fortress, Field Of The Kishin World, Central Factory And Agni Ratha Will Be ALL GONE In This Playthrough. Anything Related To These Places Will Be Missed And Can’t Be Done

– When You Are Ready, Go On To Fight Egil
– After, You Will Fight Jaldabaoth Which Will End Automatically

ジャンクス Junks
– If You Have Anything To Do In Achamoth, Please Do It Now Or Never
– Go Inside To Talk To Migol And Pick 1st Choice

Central Factory
– Follow The Path And You Will Fight Apocrypha Generator
– Shulk Will Learn Cyclone
– Use The Warp And You Will Fight Jaldabaoth. Inflict Enough Damage Then The Story Quest Will Activate. Within 120 Seconds, Destroy The Energy Devices Around Jaldabaoth
– After, Fiorung Will Fight Zanza By Herself. Keep On Attacking And The Battle Will End
– Shulk Leaves The Party
– Use The Warp And Back Track To Talk To Migol

– You Will Fight Slaney Theresia. The Battle Will End Automatically

Colony 6
– Controlling Melia, Get Near Fiorung At East
– With Fiorung And Melia, Return Toward Junks
– You Will Fight Cerro Theresia And 2 Inja Theresia
– Shulk Returns To The Party With Monado Replica And Battle Against Slaney Theresia
– After, You Will Fight Sunny Theresia
– Hidden Sections Of Tephra Cave Are Now Opened Up. However, Normal Enemies Are Around Level 90 And Beyond
(Buyable Books: Double Blade, Heal Barrier, Cross Impact, Bug Storm, Lock On)
(Buyable Books: Summon Bolt, Summon Flare, Summon Aqua, Haisui Eigi, Summon Ice, Kokodamo, Power Effect, Drive Boost)
– Speak With Migol And Pick 1st Choice

巨神胎内 Inside The Womb Of The Kyoshin
– Follow The Path To SE
– Head Toward The Heart At The Center. You Will Fight Laulan
– Check The Black Aura

Prison Island
– Go West And Use The Warp At The End
– On 2F, Go On To North And Use The Warp
– On 4F, Follow The Path And You Will Fight Obelis Hobart
– Once You Get Down, You Will Fight The Hell Beast Bavrosk
– Go On And Unlock The Gate. Get Down To The Kitchen
– In The Kitchen, Check The Middle Fence And Check The Device
– Back Track And Make Your Way To The Coliseum Again (4F)
– You Will Fight Master Hobart
– On 5F, Follow The Path And Use The Warp At The End
– On 6F, Get Up To The 2nd Level And Go South For The Dragon’s Priming Water
– Return To Fight Alcatraz The Dragon King
– With The Dragon Eye, Check The Altar Then Check The Warp
– There Is No Return After This, Don’t Pick 1st Choice Unless You Are Ready. You Can Not Save Beyond This
– Go On To Fight Dikson. The Battle Will End Once You Have Inflicted Enough Damage
– After, You Will Fight Him For Real

記憶空間 Space Of Memories
– Use The Green Lights To Warp All The Way To The Moon. On The Way, You Can Fight The Remnant Of Mumca, Remnant Of Zord, Remnant Of Theresia, Remnant Of Gad
– At The End, You Will Fight Zanza And 2 Zanza Guardians. Take Out The Guardians First Then Focus On Zanza
– You Will Fight Zanza Again But The Battle Will End Once You Have Inflicted Enough Damage
– Shulk Obtains Monado III And Fight Zanza For The Last Time

After Credits To New Game Plus
– The Game Asks You Directly After Credits
– You Inherit Levels, Learned Arts, Bonds With Allies, Skills, Bond Coins, Money, Equipped Weapons And 30 Weapons Of Choice, Equipped Armors And 30 (Per Category) Armors Of Choice, 60 Materials of Choice, All Items (Books Of Arts, Gems, Ether Crystals, Collection Items) Except Key Items, Record In Player Award, True Monado (Monado III)
– You Don’t Inherit Key Items, Trial In Player Award, Bond Gram, Quests, Maps, Landmarks
– Afterward, You Can Make The Clear Data

True Monado (Monado III)
– Keep In Mind You DO NOT Get Monado In 2nd Playthrough And On. However, True Monado (Monado III) Will Be Inherited Automatically If You Have It Equipped. Otherwise, You Lose It FOREVER

Play guide by http://ameblo.jp/koulinovesperia japanese website

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