Parasite Eve’s Aya returns to our small PSPs’ screen!

Aya is not only one of the most sexy videogames’ female character but one of the deadliest as well!

Parasite Eve II is probably my favourite PSX game after Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy IX. I know that the original one is also awesome, but unfortunately I haven’t played it. I know that’s too bad for me. But I will play the Squaresoft’s masterpiece someday! Parasite Eve II was amazing and I had finished it multiple times. The combat was never boring and the battle and character development system was simple but effective enough to keep me awake till the early morning hours every day for one week. Testuya Nomura definiteley created one of the most beautiful female game characters, Aya.

Well, I received a promo email from Square-Enix yesterday about the Parasite Eve the 3rd Birthday videogame for PSP, one of the reasons I rebought a PSP. You can now preorder the special collection package that includes a hardback book packed with artwork and illustrations of the game, 2 deluxe Aya litograph artprints, exclusive Aya Brea Lighting Costume to be unlocked in Dissidia 012 game and a 50% voucher for Final Fantasy 2 from the Playstation Store.

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