EVE Online, Warp-Out Active!

Have you ever played EVE Online? If you like Sci-Fi and you have a little time to enjoy a MMORPG then I suggest you go to EVE Online’s website and give it a go. In a few minutes you will have downloaded the client, install it and be ready to explore something really unique. But be carefull, the digital world you will enter it’s not safe. Nah, pirates, space junkies piloting powerful ships and space rats (NPC enemies) will try to kill you after you have finished your tutorial for new players, for rookies like you! Then you will discover greedy corporations, a police that cannot save your sorry ass if you enter dangerous and non-secure systems and you will understand that you need a job! You will need ISKs (game money) to buy new ships, ship parts, implants, coffee, etc.

Good luck!

*Weigruf is seriously  thinking of re-activating his subscription and join again the EVE Online’s digital space playground, space opera was never that good*

2 Responses to “EVE Online, Warp-Out Active!”

  1. The only time I truly raided was in Lotro and I bear in mind finishing several raids a handful of instances each, but continually dropping the rolls when it came to the reward items. Due to the truth PvP was uninteresting and raiding was getting to be a chore, I give up.

  2. PVP in Eve Online is definitely its strongest selling-point. It is raw, endless and players enjoy it much more than PVE. You can PVP with PVE In-mind, like controlling low security systems for PVE reasons, but you don’t need a PVE reason to PVP in this game. Its PVP reminds me the glory Lineage II days back in 2006. Fortunately for EVE the PVP is still going strong.

    I have tried LoTR but I uninstalled it the second day, it wasn’t for me. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to PVP in that game.

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