Install and play EVE Online on Linux, Ubuntu!

Ubuntu. If you try it for just one evening chances are that you won’t want to return to your Windows any time soon. But ok, you would tell me, Linux and Ubuntu are great, free, fast, safe and awesome but what’s happening when I want to play my lovely MMORPGs.  Well, there is a program for that. Its name is Wine. Interested enough? Continue reading, then!
This guide can also be found in Eve Online Wiki and explain in details how you can play the Windows version of Eve Online on your favourite Linux OS distro including of course Ubuntu. You can use it for any other Windows game as well.

Wine? What is that?

Wine is free and open source software that allows Linux and other UNIX-like operating system to run windows executables. Wine is compatibility layer (yet another WINE transcript: Wine Is Not an Emulator), it uses native UNIX substitutes for Windows components which results in fast translation from Windows to UNIX ‘language’, inducing negligible performance loss.

Download and Install it today!

Method One

Most distributions have Wine in their default software repositories. Therefore, you can install Wine with your package manager (Synaptic, RPM Package Manager, etc). If you cannot find Wine in your package manger or would like to build Wine from source, you can download and install Wine from the official webpage. You are encouraged to install oneof the latest Wine development versions as older ones may be unable to launch EVE at all.

You can install Wine in Ubuntu by launching Add/Remove Applications, selecting show “All Open Source Applications”, typing “wine” into the search bar, clicking the check box next to “Wine Microsoft Compatibility Layer” and then pressing the “Apply Changes” button.

Method 2

Wine is one piece of software that is rapidly evolving, therefore it’s advantageous to be up-to-date with the latest unstable release. For those of us that are not blessed with a repository containing the latest binary builds there is the option of compiling it ourselves.

The Wine project is exceptionally well maintained. Anyone confident at using package managers for adding new software will be able to complete a fresh build of Wine from it’s original sources with surprising ease.

Step one is download the source archive at the bottom of above downloads page.

Step two is read the short User Guide entry on compiling Wine.

Step three is use “configure” to identify and your package manager to install all the headers and dev packages that are needed to make Wine compile happily. This is where Wine’s polish really shines.

Of particular importance is the OpenGL libs, font libs and screen-mode libs.

The rest is straight forward. Compiling takes some time.


Download the Windows client.

Once it is done downloading, double click on the “EVE_Premium_Setup_*.exe” file you downloaded and follow the instructions on screen. The default options in the EVE installer are acceptable.


Due to a bug that crashes EVE when focusing on a different window, you need to open winecfg (usually found in Applications > Wine > Configure Wine), click on the graphics tab, and click “emulate a virtual desktop”.

To prevent some graphics glitches (such as all lights becoming black) you need to turn off HDR and shadows from within Eve’s graphics preferences.

You will also need to install arial.ttf. You can do this by coping and pasting the following into a terminal window.
sh winetricks corefonts

If your hardware, or OpenGL driver, is not SM3 capable then you will want to run with lower settings, notably disabling shadows, bloom, and HDR rendering.

Other players have reported performance increases by adding the following to the end of ~/.wine/user.reg


Patch the client!

You need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package in order for the patch to run. You can do this by coping and pasting the following into a terminal window.

sh winetricks vcrun2005sp1

Next, you need to identify what version of EVE you are using. You can do this by launching EVE, then looking in the upper-right hand corner. Remember the last 5 numbers.

Next, visit this site and find your build number (the last 5 digits from the last step) in the “Version History” table for Tranquility. In the table, move right from your build number to the Premium link. Copy the URL the link leads to, then add “_m” right before “.exe”. Download that file and run it to patch EVE.

For example, if you had build number 84063, and the current build was 84244, the link would lead to ““. Add the _m before the .exe, and you end up with ““, which is then downloaded and run.

Finally, play it and enjoy EVE Online on your Linux!

You can run multiple clients from the same directory. Create two launchers, and set the first launcher’s command to wine explorer /desktop=EVE,800×600 “C:\Program Files\CCP\EVE\eve.exe” and the second launcher’s command to wine explorer /desktop=EVE2,800×600 “C:\Program Files\CCP\EVE\eve.exe”. Set 800×600 to whatever resolution you are using. If you need more than 2 clients, don’t forget to change the name (ie /desktop=EVE3, /desktop=EVE4, etc).
Source: Eve Online Wiki

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