Father of Lineage II developed a new Korean 3D fantasy MMORPG, ArcheAge


Official Korean Website: http://www.archeage.com/

A new Korean fantasy MMORPG by XL Games powered by CryENGINE® 2&3. Its name reminds us the most successful Korean MMORPG series to this date, Lineage. And there is something more behind that. Archage is beeing developed by Jake Song who is the creator of Lineage. Mr Song quit NCSoft a few years ago and he formed a new game development studio, XL Games. They started developing this game since 2006. The game is at its closed beta at the moment (in Korea).

From what I have seen from the closed beta videos the game looks very interesting and the music is very motivating (music composers: Yoon Sang and Shin Hae Chul). You can even build your own house and ship and start naval battles. There will be Elves, a race called Ferres (humanoid wild hunter race) and Nuians (human race).

아키에이지 Music Themes:



Closed Beta Video:


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