Final Fantasy XIV gets real content, finally!

A very interesting message from FFXIV’s new director, Yoshida is a big hope for the game. In details:

Hi, this is Producer/Director Yoshida.

In regards to the questions cropping up about what will be done to party content now that leves are being made for solo play, we are thinking about the below for the future of FFXIV.
(Keep in mind that these are just examples and we’ll be adding unique new features and upgrading them.)

Casual Party Content

  • Behest
  • Public dungeons
  • Instanced dungeons
  • Variety of defense battles/Chocobo escort-related features

We are planning to make adjustments to behest to make it more of a completion-type battle. We plan on improving Behest in stages beyond its current form.

Party Content

  • Hunting NMs
  • Beast tribe settlement battles
  • Instanced raid battles

End-game content<.strong>
Along with PvP, we are also envisioning a large-scale PvE, but since we are not really at the stage where we can release information, I’d appreciate it if you just take this as “They’re gonna do it!!” for now.

For soloing as well, we are planning to increase the amount of content that can be enjoyed constantly while placing emphasis on quests and leves, being mindful to maintain a balance between the two.

In the future, I would like to keep on enhancing the experience point gains through quest completion and exp. parties in public fields. This is because at the very least, I feel this is “normal.” However, I think the work will continue up to about 1.20 until the game reaches a point where I think the balance of ranking up methods is normal.

I wanted to mention this in the letter, but from patch 1.18 we will begin reforms to remove the current feeling that players are being bound to specific play styles. Travel-wise anima is a bit hard to touch on right now (as I’ve referenced in another thread), but we will be making edits to the return costs and surplus system in the same fashion. Especially in regards to the feeling that a loss will be incurred if you don’t do leves every day, we are looking into implementing a type of ticket system that will let you store them up, and heading into 1.19 we will be starting the specification edits of this. (I will talk about the details of this in the letter following the release of patch 1.18.)

I deeply apologize for the current lack of content and focus on the core fixes, but we have solidified our plans, so please look forward to the future!


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