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Lukhash should write music for videogames!

Lukhash produces unique music. He is using original 1989’s hacked Nintendo Gameboy consoles, modded Commodore 64 systems, an electric guitar and many other things to generate awesome sounds. Unfortunately, he has not created music for any indie or commercial game out there, I would like to see that happening soon. You can download his tracks […]

Modded Gameboy Lukhash

Record your voice, summon a character and battle! What?!

“I summon you!!” Ever heard of Voice Fantasy game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (4th Generation)? No? Well in this game you can record you and your friend’s voices and the game will generate characters. Not randomly, but according to your voices tendencies. Sounds like the best way to impress a few videogame nerds […]


How cool a videogame would be, if the world was designed by Tsutomu Nihei?

How cool a videogame would be, if the world was designed by Tsutomu Nihei?

BLAME! and so on - 016

Goth Cage, Fantasy Manga by Yasushi Suzuki

Yasushi Suzuki (鈴木康士)is my favourite videogame artist. If you have enjoyed Sin and Punishment and Ikaruga art, then you like him as well. Below you can find some scans of his non-videogame art material. Goths Cage is an enchanting manga-esque picture book series of three short stories with a malicious twist of love and romance. […]

_Front Cover

Xenoblade English Playing Guide

Xenoblade English Playing Guide


Free to Play Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Unofficial Servers

ファンタシースターオンライン ブルーバースト SEGA official Japanese servers for the Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (ファンタシースターオンライン ブルーバースト) recently went offline (read the post). Sad news for the fans of the game. But don’t worry you can still experience the expansion of the first SEGA online game with unoficial free to play servers! You just have to download […]


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd T-shirts by Uniqlo

モンスターハンターポータブル T-SHIRT So you play Monster Hunter? Take a look here then because Uniqlo is going to start selling Monster Hunter t-shirts at the end of the month (31 January 2011). Happy hunting! http://shop.uniqlo.com/uk/store/clothing/mhp3/men/


Anamanaguchi band makes music with a hacked NES

“Anamanaguchi makes loud, fast music with a hacked NES from 1985”. Yes, they are a 8-bit band from New York City, and they make songs by combining guitars and drums with cascading squarewaves from a hacked 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System. They blur the line between analog and digital. How cool is that? Well, check their […]


Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, SHIBUYA TSUTAYA Event

モンスターハンターポータブル 3rd The event that took place to celebrate the release of the latest Monster Hunter title in SHIBUYA TSUTAYA store is a good way to see the enormous success of the series in Japan. In the event the producer Tsujimoto Ryozo and director of the game appeared. 4gamer.net was of course there, covering the […]