New G.Rev Shooting Game, Seisou Kouki Strania

星霜鋼機ストラニア 星霜鋼機ストラニア 対応機種:Xbox 360 Live ARCADE 発売日:2011年予定 価格:未定 オフライン:1~2名 オンライン:1~2名 各国レーティング審査中 Seisou Kouki Strania Format: Xbox Live Arcade game Genre: “Robot Action” 2D Vertical Shooting Game Estimated Releasee Date: in 2011 Price: Undecided Modes: Offline: 1-2, Online:1-2 (coop) We are going to sell this product worldwide Official Japanese Website: New 2D shooting game from G.Rev! […]


Daruis Burst Another Chronicle

ダライアスバースト アナザークロニクル Official Japanese Website: Another reason to fly in Japan now! 24 years have passed after the first Darius (ダライアス) videogame and Taito released a new 4-players arcade cabinet for their new 2D horizontal shooting coin-op. Check the website, the arcadia pages and the videos below. Arcadia Magazine September 2010 Scans: httpv:// httpv:// […]


Crimzon Clover

New doujin 2D shooting game to be released in 2 days for PC in Japan. Game looks like DoDonPachi. Below you can find a trailer and some pictures of it. Game Trailer: httpv://


Fast Striker, new 2D Shooting Dreamcast & Neo Geo game

New Dreamcast and Neo Geo MVS game in 2010! And as you would expected is a 2D Shooting game. The guys behind Last Hope created another game for the last SEGA console. I haven’t played it yet so I don’t know if it’s better than the Last Hope. Anyways let’s see what this new game […]


New shmupmame runs Ketsui and DDP DOJ lagless

New shmup mame emulator runs Ketsui and DDP DOJ lagless