Project R1, New Hangame MMORPG

Do you remember Ragnarok Online and Granado Espada? If you do and if you actually enjoyed them then there are some good news for you. Project R1 is the new MMORPG from the CEO behind those games. I haven’t played Ragnarok Online but I quite enjoyed Granado Espada for a while. The game as you […]

Project R1 image from HANGAME 2011 EX

G★STAR 2010, Game Show & Trade, All-Round

G★STAR is an annual Korean trade show for computer games that started in 2005. This year’s show was a 4 day event in the Korean city Busan in the BEXCO centre. The show covered online, mobile, educational, arcade, board and console games and the latest hardware. The concurrent events that took place in the main […]