K-On! Houkago Live!!

けいおん! Official Japanese Website: http://k-on.sega.jp/ Format: Playstation Portable Developer: SEGA Genre: Music & Rhythm Based on the manga K-On (けいおん!) written and illustrated by Kakifly this music & rhythm game from SEGA is the perfect game if you want to take a break from the Diva Project games and DJ Max games. Four Japanese high […]


Dance Evolution, X360 JP

ダンスエボリューションコーナー Xbox360キネクト Dance Evolution Release Date: 2010/12/31 Latest Japanese XBOX 360 DDR title with Kinect support, enjoy two new songs on the Japanese version. If you like J-Pop you will love this game. DDR is a music video games series that introduced in Japan in 1998 by Konami as a part of the Bemani series. […]